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Online Certificate Program Course Listings

Course Group:

thomistic ethics

Class 1:


Moral Philosophy

This course considers human actions and the way of evaluating them. Topics to be considered include the meaning of freedom, the value of the passions/emotions, the indispensability of moral and intellectual virtue, and the role of law.

(Instructor: Ryan J. Brady, PhD)

Class 2:


Moral Theology

'Moral Theology' builds off of the concepts learned in 'Moral Philosophy,' ​focusing on the relation between man's supernatural end and his natural end. This course will examine the necessity of grace and its effects, including the theological virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How does grace build upon nature? How does revealed law incorporate but also perfect that which is known via natural law? How does Christ's teaching illuminate and perfect the moral life? These and similar questions will be addressed throughout this course.

(Instructor: Taylor Patrick O'Neill, PhD)

Class 3:


Particular Moral Issues

This course will build off the themes of 'Moral Philosophy' and 'Moral Theology,' embracing the principles learned and using them to engage and answer difficult or disputed questions in morality. Topics covered include: sexual ethics, abortion, just war, lying, and economic justice, among others. 

(Instructors: Ryan J. Brady, PhD; Taylor Patrick O'Neill, PhD)

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