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Annual Conference Series

Each year we hope to host a conference in a different area of the United States. The conference will be devoted to a particular theme within Catholic theology and will focus on academic papers which presuppose faith and adherence to the deposit of the faith of the Church.

The Sacra Doctrina Project is pleased to announce that we have taken over the direction of For years, the site has been a staple for online discussion and news regarding all things Thomistic. We hope to continue to grow the site and its readership. We will continue to publish short pieces by established scholars such as Steven Long, Thomas Osborne, and Joseph Trabbic, but we are also soliciting outside submissions. See the site for more details. 

Sed Contra: A Podcast of Catholic Theology

A monthly podcast featuring some of the founding members of The Sacra Doctrina Project discussing theological questions with other academic theologians and philosophers. The podcast takes place in a quaestiones disputatae style, encouraging lively and charitable debate. Listen to the most recent episode below. 

Lux Veritatis: A Journal of Speculative Theology

In accord with the mission of The Sacra Doctrina Project, Lux Veritatis: A Journal of Speculative Theology will engage theological and philosophical questions in a speculative and contemplation mode from the heart of the Church, that is, engaging with ideas ultimately to arrive at the truth of the matter. In this way, Lux Veritatis will strive to aid the Church and Catholic academia by returning to theology proper. Historical and textual criticism are welcome as part of the analysis of theological concepts and figures but are of secondary, instrumental importance to the end of knowledge of God and divine revelation.

The journal will attempt to bring theologians together for discussion rather than being composed entirely of unrelated articles. In this way, we hope to create a conversation among theologians. More details will be provided in the future. 

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